RB26 is a California-based cultivator focused on growing the strongest and highest quality cannabis in the world. Founded in 2012 in Santa Cruz California, the company is a pioneer in embracing a data-driven, methodical approach to growing. Today, RB26 is a leading provider of pesticide-free flowers for medical and recreational use, as well as a licensor of select strains and growing methods.

The name “RB26” is derived from a legendary Japanese sports car engine known for its high efficiency and impressive power output. The RB26 brand takes a similar philosophy toward growing cannabis; utilizing highly controlled environments and rigorous testing methods, the company produces award-winning strains that deliver unmatched consistency in yield and potency.

RB26 has amassed numerous accolades, including a 3rd-place award at High Times (Northern California, 2017) and 1st-place wins at Santa Cruz Cup (2015, 2016) and HempCon Las Vegas (2014); as well as media spotlights from VICE, Cannabis Now, and marijuana.com. Through collaborations with other industry leading companies, RB26 is able to provide additional products directly to consumers, such as concentrates, vape pens, and pre-rolls. Most recently, the company has expanded to include a full line of clothing and accessories, designed in New York and made in California.